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DzeDze is a local word meaning an ant. Like this hard-working insect, DzeDze Travel and Tours is driven to ensure that you as a traveler, EXPORE to the extreme, LEARN more and ENJOY our carefully packaged tours that suits your expectations. We are a South African Tour operating company that boost more than 10 years of the tourism industry experience.



To bring the most exhilarating tour and travel experiences to local and international tourists.



To bring our clients fun, memorable and quality experiences through a number of innovative tour and transport packages, making us the preferred provider of everything tourism.



Fun, Reliability, Accountability, Family, Growth, Leadership,



Dzedze Travel and Tours was born from our love and pride and showcasing the beauty and diversity of our country and a realised need for reliable transport for our tour clients. This is what inspires us to give our clients the complete package in fun excursions and travel. We are always looking to strike a balance between showcasing the rich scenery of our country and the rich diversity, culture and history its people have to offer.

With Dzedze, you can take in the history and heritage or Soweto, the scenery and views of Johannesburg, learn a few things at a museum and experience the culture that makes our people so amazing at Lesedi village, all in one experience. If you are looking to stretch your experience by a few days, you can take it out of the city with a selection of nature reserves, and see Africa’s proud big five.



We have a great complement of products for the individual, teams, families or romantic couples, designed for both local and international clients. So join us and enjoy the fun side of your own country, or take a minute from your international visit to see a side of South Africa that is warm and welcoming, a side that will show you what makes us such a wonderful country.



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At Dzedze, we do what we do for the love more than anything else. We love our country, its people, history, diversity and heritage and we have a passion for sharing it with the rest of the world. This is why all our products are about experiences, unforgeable experiences. We are committed not only to making sure you have the best time of your life, but making sure no one else can give you the same experiences.

Because we are innovative by nature, whether you are joining us for the first or tenth time, the thrills will just be as exhilarating. But most importantly, we are about family, and you can recommend our services to anyone with pride because we guarantee you, Dzedze Travels and Tours never disappoints, only exceeds expectations, no matter how high you set them in your recommendation.

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